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Private Parties

Clubhouse, Terrace or Field Rental
(Only Members Can Reserve)

  1. Check the date you are interested in on our Facilites Reservations page.
  2. Please Note: Private parties are prohibited during holiday weekends.
  3. There must be at least one chaperone for every ten people at a high school or college-age party; one chaperone for each five children ages 1 to 13.
  4. All parties must end by 11:00 p.m.
  5. All clean-up will be done by the member host. Any club equipment must be returned to its proper storage. Any equipment lost or damaged will be charged to the host member.
  6. Review Pool Safety Rules, Pool and Terrace General Rules, and Tennis Rules. They all apply to any party.
  7. Rental Fees:
    • Clubhouse = $400
    • Terraces = $300 (decks overlooking pool)
    • Field = $200 (Includes Gazebo)
      • Deposit Required For All Events = $500


Pool Parties(Only Members Can Reserve)

Pool Parties 

There is a minimum of two lifeguards per party to cover up to 30 swimmers with a lifeguard fee of $20/hour per lifeguard.  Each additional group of up to 15 swimmers requires an additional lifeguard at an additional cost of $20/hour per additional lifeguard.  

As an example, a 2 ½ hour party with 35 swimming guests would require 3 lifeguards for for 2.5 hours.  (3 lifeguards X 2.5 hours X$20 per hour) The lifeguard fee would be $150

Please note:

  • Please be sure to provide an accurate headcount for the number of swimmers. If there are more swimmers than can be accommodated per our headcount maximums, the lifeguards have the authority to take a number of measures including closing the pool with forfeiture of all fees paid.
  • The pool must be booked 10 days in advance to allow for appropriate scheduling. Pool availability is subject to lifeguard availability.
  • This is not an exclusive right to book the entire pool. We reserve the right to book multiple parties, up to a maximum of 75 total swimmers.

After Memorial Day

  1. Check the date you are interested in on our Facilites Reservations page.
  2. Pool parties are prohibited during holiday weekends and other busy times.
  3. A maximum of 50 pool guests has been set. This is to ensure that other members have use of the pool and facilities at all times. The Pool Chairman, at his/her discretion, may change this rule on a situation-by-situation basis.
  4. Following are the costs for Brittany pool parties:

• $100 Party Fee

• $5 for guests (non-members) that use the pool (spectators are not charged)

• $20/hour if extra lifeguard(s) are deemed necessary (especially for toddler/preschool/young elementary parties). The guard will be there for your party attendees’ safety but also to help you with set-up/take-down of your party, clean up, and getting ice/refrigeration for any party foods/drinks that require it.

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