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Tennis Rules

Brittany club offers opportunities for tennis players of all ages and abilities to play. It sponsors club tournaments throughout the year and there are ALTA & USTA teams for members to join as well. The club tennis rules are designed to help all of us enjoy our facilities and allow everybody equal opportunity to use the courts. Whenever you observe rules being violated, it is your responsibility to bring the violation to the attention of the offender(s). If there are questions, suggestions or problems, contact the Tennis Chairperson or any member of the Board of Directors.

General Rules

  1. It is expected that proper tennis ethics will be observed by all players. This includes consideration and respect for those on adjoining and nearby courts. Your use of the tennis courts should not interfere with nearby players.
  2. Help keep the courts clean. If you don’t dispose of your trash (especially can tops) properly, another member will have to do it. The Brittany Board asks that members empty small cans on each court into large cans just outside of courts, when full.
  3. Clean shoes before entering courts 1-4. Sand and dirt will significantly increase deterioration of the court surface.
  4. Only smooth-soled regular tennis shoes may be worn on courts. No jogging shoes, basketball shoes, etc. are allowed.
  5. Shirts are required.
  6. No wheels are allowed on the courts with the exception of handicapped players participating in wheelchair tennis. Wheelchair tennis is not allowed on clay courts.
  7. All six courts are off limits to all gatherings or activities other than playing tennis. This specifically includes groups of children playing various games, especially rock throwing.
  8. Dogs are not permitted on the courts.
  9. Any play that involves more than three balls (hopper or bucket of balls) is considered lessons/practice, and is only allowed on courts 1 and/or 2 (See Lessons #3 for exceptions).   

Court reservations

  1. Any member may reserve courts by creating an account on the Brittany website and accessing Tennis, Reserve a Court.
  2. Each FAMILY may reserve only 2 hours of court time per day, but may play more than 2 hours if open courts are available. Courts may be reserved up to 6 days in advance.
  3. League teams are allowed a maximum of two courts for two hours once each week for use as lessons or practice, or both simultaneously. 
  4. No more than four courts can be used simultaneously for team practices, and maximum 2 courts per team. Team captains will be given unique status during respective seasons so that they may reserve courts for team practice/matches for the duration of the season. Whenever necessary, the Tennis Chair will attempt to resolve conflicts amicably.
  5. Courts 3 through 6 may be reserved only by and for adults (18 or over) during prime time, which is after 7 p.m. daily and all day on weekends and holidays.
  6. Reserved courts are forfeited if not claimed within ten minutes after the starting times.
  7. For league matches (ALTA, USTA, T2, etc.), captains will reserve courts in advance for team play. For make-up matches, respective players must reserve courts individually for a 2-hour block. Matches that exceed 2 hours may be completed regardless of conflicting court reservations. Subsequent reservations must wait or try another court. 
  8. In consideration of fellow members, please delete your reservation as soon as you discover your reservation is no longer needed.


  1. Residents of Brittany, Cambridge Park, Oglethorpe Estates or Hampton Hall or other subdivisions listed in Article VII, Section 3 of the Brittany Club bylaws who are not club members or on the membership waiting list may not use the courts.
  2. Guests on the membership waiting list are free to use the courts under certain conditions as long as they are accompanied by a club member. Non-core applicants can play twice per week. There are no restrictions on the play of core applicants other than club rules. Both, of course, must be accompanied by a club member.
  3. Guests living outside the above areas must be accompanied by a member and may use the courts no more than an average of six times per month.
  4. House guests are entitled to use the courts when accompanied by a member.
  5. Member hosts are responsible for the conduct of guests.
  6. At least one member must be playing along with guests.


  1. All Brittany members and tennis teams (adults and juniors) are free to contract with tennis professionals to provide lessons on our courts.
  2. The number of courts available for teaching is one court for individuals and small groups. Two courts for team and large group lessons.
  3. Courts 1 & 2 are equipped with a drawstring patrician and designated for individual or small group lessons. Only two separate individuals and/or groups can take lessons simultaneously. Exceptions to this rule are based on league lessons. Lessons/practice are defined by one or more players using more than three balls (hopper or bucket of balls).
  4. There must be at least one Brittany Club member, either teaching or receiving a lesson, on the court at all times. 
  5. To be eligible to teach on Brittany courts, all professionals must be members of a tennis professional organization and show proof of insurance. They must also register with the Tennis Chair by name, telephone number and address before any lessons are given. In addition, they must also have read our rules and be willing to follow them. All members receiving private instruction, team captains and members taking team lessons are responsible for ensuring that this rule is followed.
  6. Non-member tennis professionals are allowed to teach as much as is requested by Brittany members, and the respective member must reserve the court in their name. Non-member pros cannot schedule lessons, nor teach non-members on Brittany courts unless involved with a Brittany league team lesson. Member or non-member teaching pros are not allowed to include non-members in lessons, drills or clinics. 
  7. Member tennis professionals are allowed to teach other members as much as requested and should ask their students to reserve the court to avoid conflict of court reservation rules (Reservation #2). Member professionals can teach members more than once each day but are restricted to teaching non-members more than once per day and must reserve the court under their name.
  8. Under no circumstances can there be more than three pros teaching at the same time.
  9. Pros are expected to abide strictly by club rules and generally accepted rules of court behavior. Pros must be aware that they are teaching at the discretion of the club. Failure to follow these standards could result in non-member pros losing their right to teach at Brittany.

League play

  1. League play is authorized for club members, and all necessary courts will be provided for home matches. This includes ALTA, USTA, T2, and any other league program approved by the Board of Directors.
  2. Each team is responsible for its own organization but the Tennis Chair will work with the teams if necessary to make sure that all teams are equitably prepared for league participation.
  3. Each team may include two non-members ONLY on their rosters. Captains will instruct non-members to pay a $100 fee per season (winter, spring, summer, fall). Payments made to The Brittany Club, Inc. Non-member’s are not allowed to start league play before dues are paid. Payments can be dropped into the Brittany Club mailbox next to the parking lot entrance, given to the Tennis or Treasury Chairs, or mailed to the Brittany Club.
  4. Captains must submit respective rosters and schedules to the Tennis Chair each season and identify any non-members on their teams. Rosters should be submitted within two days of registration. Team schedules should also be submitted two days after receipt. It is absolutely the responsibility of captains to ensure that courts are reserved for their matches.
  5. When rainouts occur, respective team players have the responsibility of reserving courts for makeup matches. Team captains do not have the authority to reserve multiple courts for make-up matches, nor can they reserve multiple courts early based on weather forecast. Under no circumstances can they take courts already reserved without permission of the Tennis Chair.
  6. Only two courts for each home match may be reserved by each team, and they are not authorized to reserve additional courts. On game day, especially when rain is threatening, additional courts can be used if they are not reserved by others. Before claiming a 3rd court for league play, the court must be reserved for a 2-hour block and cannot conflict with any standing member reservations.
  7. Club teams that have home matches scheduled on the same weekends are asked to alternate the four hard courts to allow each team the option(s) of booking courts 3 & 4. Club members, upon their resignation or membership termination, are not eligible to continue playing on a club tennis team.
  8. Brittany members who play on league teams at another location are not allowed to use our courts for practice sessions or makeup matches involving players on their teams.
  9. Captains are not allow to use “captain privileges” for personal use; i.e., booking courts more than 6 days in advance for personal use, lessons for children or other family members, or any other activity not related to league play. 
  10. Members with grown children no longer living at home and playing on selective club teams are considered non-members. They must pay non-member dues and be counted as non-members per respective team rosters. Members with children living at home, under the age of 25 are considered members and can play on selective team. 

Court Care

  1. Please remove cans, bottles and other trash when you leave the court. Members are encouraged to empty small court trash cans when full.
  2. Players (or persons) who vent their anger or frustration on court fixtures or equipment (this includes trash cans, nets, and seating) will be responsible for replacement of the broken equipment.
  3. Sweeping courts and brushing the lines are required after any play on courts 5 & 6. Aussie Sweeps court equipment are available at either end of courts 5 & 6.
  4. All members are required to turn off court lights after night play.